Digital Mapping

Here are some rough draft examples of the mapping work that I do for my dissertation. I have scanned a book of camp locations, used the programming language R to get latitude and longitude coordinates for camps, and plotted the camp locations with additional data in the software ArcGIS. My maps aim to plot the intersections between the camp locations, cities, industrial centers, transportation, and resources of the Soviet Union to make arguments about the economic contribution of German prisoners of war from 1941-1956.¹

German POW Camps in Ukraine, 1941-1954
German POW Camps in Ukraine, 1941-1954, and Coal Basins²
German POW Camps in USSR, 1941-1956, and Russian Rails³

¹ Data set for the locations of camps comes from Veronika Chvatova et al. Orte des Gewahrsams von deutschen Kriegsgefangenen in der Sowjetunion (1941-1956): Findbuch ; [Standorte von Kriegsgefangenenlagern, Arbeitsbataillonen, Friedhöfen sowie Einrichtungen des Frontlagernetzes ; auf der Grundlage von Dokumenten der Kriegsgefangenenverwaltung aus dem Staatlichen Russischen Militärarchiv]. Dresden: Stiftung Sächsische Gedenkstätten zur Erinnerung an die Opfer politischer Gewaltherrschaft, 2010. The publication lists only the nearest city or village of each camp. I have geocoded the camp locations myself with ggplot and R-Studio.

² Coal basin data is from Michael Brownfield et al., “Coal Quality and Resources of the Former Soviet Union: An ArcView Project,” last modified 2001, 

³ The rail infrastructure lines comes from “Russian Rails,”