Mapping and DH Consultations

Do you need help getting started with or undertaking a digital mapping or digital humanities (DH) project? If so, I can do that. I am an expert both areas. See, for example, this video or this short article on how to get started with digital mapping projects. I have also helped to build and write the content for the Carnegie Mellon University Digital Humanities Literacy Guidebook.

I have used geographic information system (GIS) mapping and analysis heavily in my research. I provide consultations to faculty and students for their mapping and digital humanities projects. I’ve assisted eight faculty members from three colleges and universities, two graduate students, and two undergraduates with their research projects.

I have also taught GIS at the college level and have run a series of library workshops on GIS ranging from two hours in length to a whole day. I have hosted four workshops on mapping and digital methods such as optical character recognition (OCR) and given seven guest class lectures on these skills in both the United States and Russia.

Finally, I have served as a GIS consultant or research assistant for non-academic projects. I provided mapping services and consultations for INCATech and the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.

Services that I Offer:

  • Acquiring or digitizing data sources
  • Building digital humanities projects
  • Training in optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Consultations, guest lectures, or workshops on learning mapping services ranging from GoogleMaps or CartoDB to QGIS and ArcGIS
  • Mapping and analyzing data for you

In return, I ask for a stipend for my hours of work. If you require me to visit your institution, then I need you to pay for my travel, housing, and food while on assignment. A credit somewhere in a project write up would also be greatly appreciated.

If you’re interested in any of the above services, please contact me through the website contact page or email me at sgrunewa(at)